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Recent studies in Saudi market have shown a number of important indicators, the following are the most noticeable ones:

  • Continued high demand for residential units in different regions in the short supply areas in Saudi, especially for residential units that are characterized by its distinctive and modern design with high quality.
  • The need to upgrade the level of development and construction along with the targeted requirements.
  • There are promising opportunities for growth in Saudi real estate market driven by new legislation.

Growth drivers in Saudi real estate market are as follows:

  • The scarcity of supply, and the low rate of the ownership of distinctive residential units.
  • The annual increase of income per individual.
  • The decline in mortgage rates.
  • The improvement of housing finance conditions.

The Investor Real Estate Fund for Multiple Projects

The Investor Real Estate Fund for Multiple Project Fund was the 1st fund in kind issued to public in 2011

Investment bank: the investor for security
Fund type: Open public fund
Fund structure: multiple project
Fund size: hundred billion
Period: 2.5 years
Expected yearly yield: 32%

Riyadh Reit Fund

First real estate fund in 2016

Investment bank: Riyadh capital
Fund type: Open end fund
Fund structure: Income generating
Fund size: half billion
Period: 20 years
Expected yearly yield: 7%

Fund Benefits and Mechanism
  • The fund invests in several real estate projects that aim to diversify income and distribute risk effectively.
  • Diversification of investment in different geographical areas in main cities of the Kingdom (Central – Eastern – Western)
  • The Fund Manager has extensive experience in managing investment funds, especially real estate funds with his professional staff in this field, and he is subject to the supervision and legislation of the Capital Market Authority.
  • The Board of Directors of the Fund is comprised of highly experienced and highly qualified real estate investors.
  • Capital development on medium term by investing in projects whose initial study indicates a minimum annual internal yield of 15%.
  • The Fund Manager seeks to offer all units of a single category with equal value and rights.
  • The Fund distributes proceeds from sale of any Projects to the owners in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Units will be evaluated periodically (every six months).
  • The Fund is subject to Islamic law rules, and is supervised by a Specialized Shariah Authority.