Memar’s Story

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Our Mission

  • To deliver a well-crafted real estate management services alongside a sophisticated investment structuring criteria to create value and maintain profitability.

Our Vision

  • To be the leading real estate service provider with sustainable growing investment portfolio.

Our Ambition

  • Building real estate portfolios of assets that exceeds a billion Saudi Riyals by two years.
  • Developing distinctive projects to achieve an exceptional return and obtain outstanding real estate assets.

Company History

  • 2007

    The inception

    Memar inception was a continuing march of previous journey that was gained from investments between Riyadh and Dubai to extend its journey by developing distinctive and modern projects.

  • Nora Complex

    Nora complex was the initial phase of Memar’s journey to start looking for genuine and luxurious closed residential complexes

  • Diversity

    In order to become diversified in real estate investment, Memar partook the real estate investment funds as an additional destination.

  • More diversity

    Also to become more diverse, Memar constructed “Tashkeel Tower”, commercial centers, and residential towers and hotels in order to achieve its developmental and investable goals.

  • 2016

    Closed joint stock company

    Memar turned into a closed joint stock company in 2016

  • 2017

    Open-end joint stock company

    Memar is seeking to become an open-end joint stock company by 2018