Memar’s Strategy

The Pillars of Memar’s Strategy

Memar’s business model is based on moving nimbly to seize unique opportunities in different sectors, then exit them to shift to other opportunities, in order to maintain the sustainable growth that Memar has achieved from day one.

Expanded and diversified investment portfolio

Expanded real estate investment increases the company’s added value and reduces exposure to market risks. Memar’s current plan focuses on Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca as locations to expand investments by building a series of hotels and residential projects in these cities.

Maximized returns from the current portfolio

The main purpose of asset management is to maximize investment returns from the current portfolio by developing and maintaining the best methods for investing in leasable spaces.

Strong investment relationships with clients

Memar seeks to strengthen its relationships with investors and keep them informed about the various projects and activities it carries out, from developing properties in distinctive locations to providing high quality services to achieve meaningful returns.

Nomu listing

Being publicly listed on the Saudi parallel market Nomu gives Memar increased access to capital, enabling the company to finance its expansion plans and future investments.

Presale on Map

This platform enables real estate developers and investors to market and sell real estate units before or during the development or construction phase.

Development for third parties

Memar has a successful track record of developing real estate funds. There is a large and growing need to provide development solutions for third parties, which is an opportunity for the company to expand its real estate development work.

Investment in construction technologies and the internet of things

We are working to advance the real estate development industry, especially in the hospitality sector, based on the solutions provided by modern, environmentally friendly technologies and the internet of things.

Business Model

Memar’s business model is based on real estate development in several sectors, then exiting them completely to move on to the development of other projects, thus growing the company’s revenues.


Hospitality is a primary sector; residential and commercial are secondary.

In central Saudi regions

Within Saudi Arabia, in its main cities

Exit process

Memar exits its projects through real estate funds for easy monetization of assets.


Memar relies on international hotel operators, while retaining the right to operate commercial projects internally.