As its business grows, Memar launches its new website

Memar Development and Investment Company has launched a new version of its website with a stylish and modern design, coinciding with growth in Memar’s business and plans for investment expansion the Saudi real estate sector.

Memar’s business is undergoing development following the approval of its updated operating strategy, with its listing on the Saudi parallel market Nomu and the transparent investment relationship with investors that requires, and following Memar’s offering of shares in a private placement and an increase in its capital last year.

Memar’s new website presents the projects the Company is developing, categorized into its hotel, residential, and commercial portfolios. The website also introduces Memar and the operational strategy the Company has developed recently, which is based on an orientation toward the Saudi market to align with the evolution of the Saudi real estate sector with the all-around revival and promising investment opportunity it offers.

In its updated strategy, Memar’s business model is based on seizing unique opportunities in different sectors, then exiting them to shift to other opportunities, in order to maintain the sustainable growth that Memar has achieved from day one.

Memar invites those wishing to learn about the Company, its investment strategy, and its development projects to visit its website,

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