Al Wadi Complex

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  • Location : Riyadh - Dhahrat Laban
  • Units Area: 130 - 160-250 square meters
  • Environment: safe social environment
  • Number of units: 53 units
  • Sizes: various sizes
  • Services: Integrated Services
  • Type: Residential Complex
  • Designs: unified designs and layout
  • Building Area: 8,800 square meters
  • Area: Economic location

The need of economical residential housing had driven Memar to Dhahrat Laban area in order to provide the best affordable housing. Alwadi Complex was Memar’s second residential project to append a beautiful competitive character in that area. Most of projects built in that area are predominantly commercial that lack the colorful sense in the external design which gives an aesthetic appearance. In addition to the final finishing of the units, that reflects the low quality and weakness on the developer’ reputation in the market. For this reason, Memar has selected the best designs in the architectural field which made the project to be admired by many people.

Alwadi project is located in Dhahrat Laban district in Riyadh. The project is bounded by three main streets with a total area of 4,500 square meters, and a total building up area of 8566 meters. The complex is composed of three buildings on an area of 2,250 square meters. It contains 35 apartments of different sizes, and 6 duplex on an area from 345 to 405 square meters. And with different build up areas start from 528 to 557.6 square meters. Moreover, ach duplex is characterized by its separate arrangement of duplex and apartment.