Nora Complex

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Nora Complex

  • Location: Riyadh - Jasmine
  • Units Area: 140-275 square meters
  • Environment: Distinctive social environment
  • Number of units: 115 units
  • Sizes: various sizes of apartments
  • Facilities: Coffee shop, Lounge, Swimming Pools, Gym, Indoor gardens, Kids playing Area, Walking Area
  • Type: Residential Complex
  • Designs: various designs and layout
  • Services: 24/7 Security
  • Construction area: 32,000 square meters
  • Area: prestigious location
  • Call us: 920000898

A unique residential complex in Riyadh that embodies an extraordinary vision with an iconic manner of social life that combines different requirements of contemporary families. The Complex is characterized by its facilities and entertainment features. Nora Complex is a real opportunity for whoever is awaiting a successful investment as well as whoever is looking for civilized life filled with social communication and family, and for who shares the vision of "happiness is not only in achieving life goals, but in the way of living it."

Nora Complex was created according to a specific vision which its goal is to create a contemporary social life in an inspiring and positive atmosphere with natural spirit. In addition, the project surrounds its guests by all recreation facilities that are conducive to a joint coexistence. The project includes a few parks for picnic and social gatherings, a coffee shop for meetings and communication, a health club for a healthy lifestyle, and swimming pools that creates an environment filled with harmony that help to build a social relationships.

Professional communication is the best way for successfulness of any action by an individual, the social communication within the family, between neighbors and friends is an approach of social happiness. Nora complex is built to offer families’ needs to spend their time together, and to enjoy entertainment facilities in order to help spending their times in a healthy environment. Thus, Nora complex represents a modern life in a special manner.
Harmony with nature is one of the leading features that is unique to Nora complex. It appends to the entire apartments an inspiring atmosphere.

Nora residential complex composes various designs and spaces of deluxe villas as well as various apartments in order to meet contemporary families’ needs. Some villas has private balconies and gardens that differ in sizes. The complex is on an area of 32,000 square meters, while the interior garden occupies approximately 2,700 square meters. The complex is consist of one, two, and three bedroom apartments including an outdoor terrace.

Nora complex is starring in the middle of an exclusive area, which is located in a strategic area of Riyadh. Nora is bounded by Al takhassusi Street on the south side, and King Abdul-Aziz Road from the west, and Abu Bakr from east. The location is a few minutes away from some vital places of the city, such as Kingdom Hospital and Schools, Carrefour market, Jarir Bookstore, Saco Center, and Best Center for electronics. This complex is not derived its importance only from its location, but also gives the neighborhood a new color of life to confirm its unprecedented position in the contemporary urban development with its features and services.