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  • Tareeq Alhareer is an English word that means Silk Road, which is a name of a group of interconnected roads that were used by commercial caravans. It is extended from China via Middle East and North Africa, until it reached Italy and Greece. Silk Road had the most influence on ancient civilizations’ prosperity such as Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Roman civilization.
  • The caravans had been traveling through these long roads, and when they arrived in our Arabic lands, they were greeted with welcome and landed in what is used to be known a Cabins for travelers to relax. Thus, Silk Road and the Cabins were an example of communication as well as an example for achieving travelers’ needs.
  • In order to maintain our traditions of hospitality and generosity, Silkroad has a unique group of hotels and suites that are characterized by warm atmosphere that balances perfectly between quality and originality.